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Switchboards mounting:
Retec ing.Buro fur Elektrotechnik Deutschland
::: RETEC - CZECH s.r.o.
The company Retec-czech s.r.o. is boring its new name since March 2006. But in fact it does exists since 1995, when a company Retec-technologycenter s.r.o. had been established.
Retec-czech s.r.o. is a subsidiary company of the german firm Retec GmbH in Baesweiler. The main manufacturing programme is production of low-voltage cubicle switch-boxes.

Currently the company engages 18 professional employees (the majority of them is working in this company since its inception in 1995). Thanks to a good co-operation with the german partner is our company successful to deepen the knowledge and professional competence of all employees and thereby to increase the quality level of our products and offered services.

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